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  Ali Saremi studied in Iran and received his Masters of Architecture from Tehran University in 1968.  He completed his PhD in the Philosophy of Architecture in 1976 at  University of Pennsylvania  where he studied with Louis Kahn for three years.

  With a long teaching experience in the architectural departments of various universities Farabi, Tehran and Azad and also a rich background  in professional design and construction, he is considered as one of the pioneers of Iranian Contemporary Architecture.

  According to Ali Saremi World's Architecture is undergoing a  crisis which begun at the beginning of the 20th century and has led to the current situation of pluralism and unrest, in this situation each architect has to find his own path with a complete awareness of such global crisis and a sharp sensitivity to the local conditions in which he creates.

   Regarding the path that he has chosen which is clearly represented in his works,There is an in-depth look at early 20th century Modern Architecture.  He has always admired Minimalism and uses simple geometric forms .  He believes that in a country like Iran, with a backward construction technology it is still possible to achieve a noble architecture that has artistic values .  Saremi is one of those architects who have a special aesthetic view of Architecture . He believes that architecture is a gigantic sculpture which has to be designed from inside and outside in a creative way  and be attractive to its users.  In his view, architecture in the dense and polluted cities of today,should somehow bring peace and beauty to city dwellers and enrich the urban landscape.





    Personal Designs 

AFSHAR House - Tehran - 1975


SHOMAL  House - Noshahr - 1974